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This made it necessary for the lad to walk the distance from Farns-worth and Brush to Rosary church twice each day, and as he grew to manhood, Father Doyle traveled with Father Van over the country, and even to Europe. So it was with succeeding boys, through the long years of Father Van's service. The Smallpox Epidemic.

But Father Doyle held a unique position with Father Van as a traveling companion in those davs. When the small pox epidemic came to Detroit thirty or thirty-five years ago. Father Van volunteered for with food. Many a pan of pork and beans, not to speak of other delicacies, John Doyle laid at the door of the old building for Oscar. Having contracted the disease, Father Van became even more popular as spiritual comforter to the smallpox patients, as he was now considered immune, and with John Doyle carrying his little black bag, Father Van not only took care of the patients in Detroit, but traveled to Jackson and to Adrian, when the plague broke out there.

To this day, Rosary church is called upon to send Its priest to the contagious disease hospital in Detroit. Kind and Charitable. The kindness and Christian charity of Father Van could not better be expressed than in retelling the story of a janitor of the church, who. Addressing bis congregation the following Surfdav morning, Father Van told them of the death of this man; reminded them of his faithful services.

Such was the great heart of the man, through whose fingers money fell like chaff in answer to the cry of distress or in tribute to Christian charity. When he came to Rosary parish, a young man, his parish extended to what is now Highland Park und it extended r. The late Colonel John Atkinson, then living in one of the few homes then erected on the boulevard, presented him -with a horse, that he might be able to make his parish calls, and later, Charles Robertson gave him a grey mare that was known to every one, from Warren avenue to Highland Park, as It carried the good pastor on his dally rounds of work.

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Ford Displaces Faithful Horse. When the automobile dawned on Detroit, Henry Ford presented Father Van with one of his first cars, which became quite a novelty in the parish. Henry Ford then lived on Harper avenue, not far from Rosary church. But Father Van Is no more, and his gentle presence will be sadly missed. The last great and forceful speaker of a generation of great preachers is gone. The Good Shep herd has left his flock, but his work at the old "Pest House.

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Benton Harbor, Mich. Shepherd, of Kenil-worth, III. She had been here since May 29, when she suffered serious injuries in an auotomoblle accident. She was driving the car and crashed Into a fence to avoid hitting a truck. Discounts range from 20 to Come in today or any day this week.

A wide choice of this year's models to choose from. You have the whole summer ahead of you. Knjoy the next three months in a good out-hoard or sailboat. We also have a number of reconditioned boats like new. These must be moved. You can get a full season's use from them. Pay for one from income in easy monthly payments, if you wish. You'll find a flock of real bargains in boats! There are also some real "buys" in outboard and inboard engines, cruisers and runabouts.

Our storage and repair yards are at your serviced 1 l i Li a k, i ,foy u tr k in v-xi i J undo y end ' 1 WiMMw mk -iT-n t minimi. He secured a rubber outfit, learned how to fumigate, and when mem- ners or his faith were stricken with the malady, Father Van, of all the priests In Detroit, received the call to minister to them. Eventually, he contracted the disease himself, and Oscar, the faithful lackey and janitor of the church in that time, also contracted the dread disease.

Oscar was quarantined in the old frame build-ina on Harper avenue, and the pafish was called upon by Father Van to see that he was supplied forever, Some years ago, at the death of Father Ryan, the noted poet-priest of the south, the people of Mobile, Alabama, his home town, named a city park in his honor, and caused a statue to be erected thereon. ThBt some such public recognition will be accorded to the perpetual memory of "Father Van," that the example of his noble life may not be lost to future generations In Detroit, is the hope of many of his friends, in and out of the Catholic church.

Both cars were demolished. Wilfred Rowland, 26 years old, McClennan avenue driver of one of the cars, suffered bruises about the head, hands and legs. His wife, Hazel, 20, was Injured about the legs, their son. Wilfred, 2 years old, was bruised and Rowland's father, Thomas, 54, was hurt, about the legs and head. All were taken to the Monroe hospital together with William Cox, Lower Michigan Increasing cloudiness and warmer Sunday, followed by showers at night and Monday morning; cooler Monday.

Cpper Michigan Increasing cloudiness, followed by showers Sunday afternoon and night; Monday generally fair and somewhat cooler.

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Tht fnllowiner obf'rvstlonji wnn- tnken at 8 p. Among those attending the early service were 50 Providence hospital "nurses. Between and 10 o'clock, priests of the diocese chanted the offices of the dead; at 10 the doors were opened and down the middle aisle, past the bier where the body of Father Van lay in the full vestments of a prothonotary apostolic, filed hundreds whom In life he had Inspired and lifted up and tided over their troubles.

In the sanctuary were Archbishop John T. McNichoIas, O. Beckmann, of Dubuque, la. Albcrs, auxiliary bishop of the Cincinnati arch-diocese, and Bishop J. Stritch, Toledo.

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Solemn High Mags. Solemn high mass was celebrated by Rt. Michael J. Gallagher, bishop of the Catholic diocese of Detroit, who also gave the funeral oration. He was assisted by Rt. Doyle, chancellor of the diocese, as assistant pnest; Fr. Francis F. Van Antwerp, deacon; Rev. John E. Troy, Bay City, sub-deacon; Rev. Fran cis F. Pokriefka, and Very Kev. John Fenlon, Baltimore, Mr. William F. Murphy, D. Franklin J. Hay, master of ceremonies; Rev.

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Clarence Doherty, censer bearer; Rev. Leo Dorsay and Rev. John Duffy, acolytes; Rev. Malachy M. Albert Hafner, mltre-bearer, and Rev Victor Renaud, crozicr-bearer. George Reno, S. James Gore, both relatives of the late Monslgnor Van Antwerp, said low masses at the side altars during the solemn high mass. Speaking at the first service, Rev. Robert Benson declared that Father Van's service to his fellow men was Immeasurable.

Life of Sacrifice. He brought many priests to the altar of God. The best jurors in the case were deemed by the computer analysis to be nonwhite female high school graduates--people who thought Marirose was being cheated out of a great life, just as they were. The research also yielded some "secret" questions that Corboy could ask during the voir dire, the first phase of a trial in which potential jurors are questioned, ostensibly to determine their objectivity and lack of bias. Corboy's secret questions of the jurors might get them to unwittingly tip their hands.

The secret questions were ones that seemed innocuous, but actually were loaded with meaning.


The poll takers had found, for instance, that people who owned old cars, or who didn't drive at all, were more likely to vote Corboy's way, as were Protestants, people of Irish or Scandinavian descent, and people who liked to go hunting or camping. By asking prospective jurors about their backgrounds or hobbies, Corboy could find out whether they were likely to be his allies in the courtroom. If, on the other hand, somebody answered yes to the secret question "Do you belong to a labor union?

The same went for someone who was a registered Republican, or who owned stocks. The worst jurors, from Corboy's standpoint, also turned out to be nonwhites, but the research suggested they were what some blacks called "Oreos"--black on the outside, white on the inside. The research specifically told Corboy to stay away from nonwhite male college graduates, because they had already attained the good life and probably wouldn't think Marirose could achieve all that they had. The pattern of response suggests that the best juror is one who places high almost unrealistically high value on the FUTURE that is lost to the girl.

They are good jurors because they see that Sue has lost her opportunity and assign a very high dollar amount to cover this loss. Other jurors who have a not-so-fabulous future themselves, in other words, they are lower income, blue collar, older with families to support, look at the prospect of this lost future for Sue with a great deal of sympathy perhaps because they believe that Sue, like anyone else, could have a great life and perhaps want such a life for their children or feel that they themselves were "cheated" out of such a life.

The other group is one where they themselves and probably their children have successfully made a "good life. They have made it in life and feel that Sue might not make it as well as they did.